Kindness, availability, simplicity, always ready to support women’s football:
Sonia Bompastor, 156 selections in French team, currently Director of the training center of Olympique Lyonnais, we are pleased once again this year to be the godmother of the Girls Alsace Cup 2018.
« ….This year again I have the pleasure to have been asked to be the godmother of the 4th edition of the Girls Alsace Cup international tournament.
This tournament has become today a reference tournament for girls. This is an event not to be missed, with this year again, the presence of prestigious clubs.
I would also like to highlight the remarkable investment of the volunteer team, which for several months, has been hard at work preparing for this major event.
I am sure that these two days of competition will be a memorable sports and human adventure for all participants.
I wish you all a very nice competition in which will reign the most beautiful values of sport in general and women’s football in particular.»

Selma Bacha best player of the first edition of the Girls Alsace Cup, very promising left side of L’olympique lyonnais, Selma signed a first professional contract with her club which provided the training for a period of 4 years.
She addresses her encouragement to the Girls Alsace Cup:
«The Girls Alsace Cup !! That are good memories, a great tournament where I could face very good players, this tournament help me to realize that we must work to be among the best. I gave the best of myself and I am proud to be the first best player of the Girls Alsace Cup. Today still I give myself thoroughly to compete with the best players, nothing is won in advance, nothing is acquired. I was in your place a few years ago, I allow myself to give you this advice: work, and give you the means to achieve your dreams, Yes it is possible! Girls !! good tournament to all !! see you soon. “

Best players  Girls Alsace Cup 2018

Finland’s EBK win the Girls Alsace Cup 2018

The Anderlecht  set Holtzwihr on fire

Arrival of the second team for the girl alsace Cup 2018 the Royal Federation of Morocco they brought the sun with them it is magnificent

The Spaniards from Barcelona have arrived they discover Alsace and its charms and they enjoy a good meal at the Brasserie des Dominicans on the terrace

lunch after training for the national team of Morocco 


It’s also a party at the Buffalo Grill for FC Zurich



Oriental atmosphere at the restaurant Touareg !!


Last arrival this night for the team of EBK Finland long trip from Finland to Zurich and Zurich to Colmar the meal is well deserved ….

Le Petit cœur d’Alsace: Estelle and Manu have reserved a friendly atmosphere at the OGC NICE

The Girls Alsace Cup has already started !!
Arrival of the American delegation this morning on French soil, then in Alsace at the end of the afternoon.
After a good meal at the brasserie of the Dominicans and a well deserved rest, place to the first contact with the Alsacian fields:
In program the training in the morning at Wickerschwihr and friendly match against the SR Colmar stadium at 19:00 come many and many! – with Brasserie Restaurant the Dominicans in Holtzwihr, Alsace, France.