Beautiful Alsatian countryside for the U16

After an exemplary course and a lot of large displacements mastered, the women’s U16 of the Gym were eliminated in the semi-finals of the Alsace Girls Cup.

The plateau was announced. Tough opponents. Yet the young nice have done more than figuration during their trip to Holtzwirh (near Colmar). Released in the first 3 of a group of 6 formations, after victories against St Maur (1-0), Vendenheim (1-0), Dummies against Treville (0-0) and Olympique Lyonnais (0-0), and a defeat against the AIK Stockholm (0-1); Theo Rivrin’s players also did the job in the second round of the competition.
Indeed, after a success against FC Bale (1-0) and a parity score against Lyon (0-0), they completed the second stage at the top of their mini group, thus validating their ticket for the semi-finals. A last square raised where their road unfortunately stopped facing the VGA St Maur, the future winner of the competition (defeated 0-1). Proven, the small red and black left the bronze medal by falling in front of the PSG (0-2), but can nevertheless take out the high head of their Alsatian campaign.

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