Team 2018

The Girl Alsace Cup is proud to receive a representative of African women’s football: The Morocco Team
The Moroccan women’s football team consists of a selection of the best Moroccan players under the auspices of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation.
The National Federation of Morocco was founded in 1956. It has been affiliated to FIFA since 1960 and has been a member of CAF since 1966.
The President of the African Football Confederation (CAF), Mr Ahmad, pleaded in Marrakech for a formal commitment to the intense promotion of women’s football in Africa.
“On our continent, we must decide now to formally and unequivocally commit ourselves to an intense promotion of women’s football”
For his part, the president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), Fouzi Lekjaâ, highlighted that the African woman is an important actor in the evolution of women’s football, social integration and the values of respect on the other and the communication between peoples.

The women’s section of the OGC Nice was created in September 2005, and now has 4 competing teams and 4 animation football teams.
Our goal is to train young Niçoise players to bring them to the highest level.
It starts with the School of Women’s Football labeled by the French Football Federation since 2012; we got the FFF’s “gold” label this season.
The Senior Regional team has many players trained at the club.
Our goal is to have a maximum of players from young teams and quickly bring this team to the national level.
For the first time this year, our U19 team evolves at the national level and participates in the U19 national women’s challenge.
We participated in the first edition at the Girls Alsace Cup, always semi finalist, and in 2017 we finally won this cup so coveted by the biggest and best clubs in France and Europe!
This year we put our title in games in this tournament which has become a reference in the field of women’s football …
Aware of the exceptional panel offered by the Girls Alsace Cup every year, we will defend our colors, always with the same mind: our collective, our happyness and the pleasure of playing together.
We are very happy to participate once more in the Girl’s Alsace Cup. ISSA NISSA !!!!

When we use motivational language, we are generally referring to language that speaks of hopes, dreams, and affirmations, example “You are the best!” This kind of language – let´s call it motivational, has its role 
But the message from Sports psychologists is clear: High motivation is not the language that ignites people.
What works is precisely the opposite: Not reaching up but reaching down, speaking to the ground-level effort, affirming the struggle.
The Truth is that building skills and circuits of skills are not easy to build, deep practice requires serious effort and passionate work. — -The Talent Code

Our Efforts, struggles and plans, which start with our developmental ages and intensify with our International Participants are the highlight of all of our players that wish to take their skills and mental game to a new level. To a World Level.

For this reason, we continue to reach down, deep, to struggle and to humbly accept, knowing the challenges that we will face, the unique invitations that have come to be part of our soccer program.
I am proud to say that once again, we have accepted the following FIFA invitation only Tournaments:And our most recent and hard fought Invitation, being once again the first and only American Team to be invited; Pioneers in this quest for Growth and Greatness:
The Alsace Cup in France Girls 2002. A Cup that is for the best and most competitive Teams from only 16 different clubs from France, Europe and Scandinavia. This Tournament is a prize for the best and the mightiest of teams in their country and their clubs.

We are grateful for the opportunity and we are going to have to dig deep to challenge everything we know about soccer until now. Good Luck to our brave girls attending and good luck to all of our teams traveling to compete amongst the best and the strongest.

We will be better for it. God Bless Us!

FC Zurich Women was founded in 1970 as SV Seebach.
SV Seebach was integrated in 2008 in the women’s section of FC Zurich.
The women’s first team is playing in Switzerland’s highest league with 20 league titles and 12 cup titles.
We participate for the first time in the Girls Alsace Cup and look forward to sports competitions with the European elite!
Football binds us across borders:
We look forward to new friendships and discussions during the tournament.
We at FC Zurich are looking forward to these two days in Alsace.
We come as unknown and will certainly leave as friends …
See you soon..


Created in 1970, the women’s section of FC Bayern München had a difficult start, however they get a German league title, and began its progress from 2000.
Bayern Munchen then invested to develop the women’s section and training.

Our first team won a Germany Cup and championships in 2012, 2015, and 2016: FC Bayern female joined their men’s team at the national summit !!

Our youth team play in the Bundesliga, they were crowned champions of Germany in 2013, 2014 and 2017 after four finals lost before.
Four of our youth players have already joined the senior team in the Bundesliga.

We will participate this year for the first time in the Girls Alsace Cup!
The opportunity to participate in this wonderful event is the best way to end the season, our players will have the opportunity to compete with other teams of international level.
This will also give us the opportunity to exchange, between games, with the teams and their coaches.
We thank you for your invitation and look forward to participating in the Girls Alsace Cup Holtzwihr in May !!

The U15 juniors of the SC Freiburg are looking forward to being part of the Girls Alsace Cup for the first time.
For some years now, there has been a very warm contact with Hassan Kbida, who organizes this tournament with great dedication and friendliness.
The U15 juniors play against the boys during the season, we are all looking forward to competing with the best national and international women’s teams in such a tournament!

RCD Espanyol is the second professional club from Barcelona and our female football section was started already in 1970.
Our Espanyol’s first team traditionally plays in the highest level of Spanish football league.
Many of our Espanyol U16 teams’ players won last spring the prestigious LJAT- tournament in Sweden and they come this year to Alsace hoping to lift yet another trophy of the famous Girls Alsace cup that everybody is talking about.. see you soon !!

EBK (Esbo Bollklubb) U16 Team has 20+ highly motivated and skilled girls, some of us have played together for over 10 years. During the recent years we have played many international matches and tournaments in Sweden, Denmark, USA and Spain.
When the opportunity arose of playing Girls Alsace Cup and face new international opponents,we didn’t hesitate too long as we like to have good matches and meet with new teams.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Holtzwihr in May!

Hammarby was founded in 1897. The club is one of Sweden’s largest football clubs with over 14 000 members and about 3 000 youth players.
Hammarby has teams competing at top level in both men’s and womens premier league.

HAMMARBY G03 ACADEMY – Hammarby’s U15 youth academy team consist of a highly dedicated group of young female football players comitted to one thing, football. 
Training together 4 times a week and competing at the highest level as a top tier team in sweden. The ambition is to compete at top level in Europe and in time provide players to both Hammarby Senior squad and the national team.

Delighted of titles but even more fond of challenges, we are grateful for the invitation and opportunity to participate in this highlevel quality competition against other top european women footballteams.

Soon of to Las Vegas, then London, to get some practise and play against other future teams, we are looking forward to meet you all late spring!

We proudly represent the club of Olympique Lyonnais, the most successful club in France with 11 National titles, 8 French Cups and also recognized on the European scene with 4 Champions leagues won.

If the value of the men’s training center is recognized for long time , we will be keen to prove that the women’s section is in line of boys’ performances and inspired by our senior professional team representatives Wendie Renard, Amel Majri, Delphine Cascarino or this season again Selma Bacha and Melvine Malard, all from the OL Academy.

It is with great pleasure that we come back as each year to the Girl’s Alsace Cup we are alwas attracted by the level of the tournament (in our eyes the most beautiful U16F French tournament ) but also by the tremendous dynamism and the kindness of its organizers and volunteers ! We will have at heart to finally hang this title which is still missing from our list!

VGA Saint-Maur is a multi-sports club founded in 1819.
The women’s football section based in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés was founded in 1968.
The Saint-Mauriennes are part of the 16 teams that founded Division 1 in 1974.

Vga Saint Maur won in the early 1980s winning six championship titles in France in 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990.
Our senior team is currently playing in division 2 and we have a U19 team in France national challenge and an U16 elite team.

We were winner of the 1st edition of the Girls Alsace Cup and finalist of the 3 rd edition.
Always animated by the same passion and pleasure of beautiful game, we are happy to participate in the best U16 tournament in France.
We come back as every year, motivated, to measure ourselves against the best French and European teams …

For several decades, the RSC Anderlecht has a promising and talented women’s section.
The women’s first team plays in the Super League (1st National Division) currently ranked first.
All junior women’s teams from RSC Anderlecht play in boys’ series of the same age.
The greatest motivation for our U15 team to participate in the Girls Alsace Cup is to compete against the best teams in the world and to really be able to measure our level on the world stage.

Our U15 team currently 2nd in the standings and still in contention for the U16 Women’s Belgian Cup and aims to take maximum pleasure and experience by facing superb teams at the Girls Alsace Cup.

– “It’s a very good experience and a way to learn even more football by playing against top teams. The goal of the team is to go as far as possible and try to get the title, we know that there are big clubs but it’s not the name that makes the game and I think we can surprise “Vanessa Sousa Seixas player u15 RSCA

– “playing against teams like PSG, Bayern, Español Barcelona and the others teams of the tournament is a huge honor. Our strength is the team, we are super welded, we are a family! We will also have the “grinta” thing that our coach has taught us in addition to knowing how to play football! “Meg Van Pe u15 RSCA

From its creation in 2009, FC BASEL 1893 fully develops its women’s section.
To date, more than 75 Basel license-holders in all categories are playing football on the St.Jakob sports plain.
Under the leadership of the senior team playing in the Swiss elite in the National League A (Division 1), the women’s division has chosen to bet on training with the desire that our young players symbolize the values and know-how of our club.
Seduced by the quality of the Girls Alsace cup, the level of overall play and the quality of hosting this tournament which has become a reference at the European level for the U16 female category.
We will be at the appointment this year with our team U16 which evolves in the national championship for our 4th participation as much as the number of edition of the Girl’s Alsace Cup.
Our Basel’s girls , the only Swiss representatives in this tournament, will be able to measure themselves against some of the best French and European teams in the category.
Holding the title of the “Europa League” at the 2017 edition, they will be keen to have fun, while achieving quality football performances throughout this weekend from 19 to 20 May.

Since the creation of the GIRLS ALSACE CUP, PSG has participated in two of the three annual tournaments and will come again in May to Holtzwihr.

Created in 1971, the women’s PSG set up a professional entity in 2013 with the aim of developing the practice of high level football for their players.
The Association trains the fans of football at Camp des Loges not so far form Neymar and Cavani’s professional team.
A red and blue spirit is instilled , especially in women’s football schools.
Labeled Gold level for girls, the football school regularly participates in all competitions organized in Ile de France
PSG has two U19 teams (two times French champions, one U16 team, one U15 team, one U14 team, one U13 team, five U12 teams, U11, U10 and a football school.

At Holtzwihr, PSG will come again with their elite U16 team to conquer the challenge …

I would like to thank Hassan and all his volunteers who put in place in a short time 
a high-quality women’s football tournament 
Event whose quality continues to grow up with the arrival of renowned foreign teams.
We are waiting impatiently to be able to confront our self with the best women’s football teams in the world 
become an essential tournament, I could only finish by highlighting the exceptional welcome shown by all the volunteers who work during this great Weekend!

First Vienna Football Club is the oldest and most traditional football club in Austria. Since 7 years there is also a women and girls sections at the club.
The first women team plays in the 3rd highest league in Austria. The girls teams of First Vienna FC rank among the best youth teams in Europe.

The biggest motivation for our U16 team to attend at the Girls Alsace Cup is to play against other European clubs.
It is always a nice way to see how the rest of Europe is working and developing girls. We also love to travel and to spend time together and Colmar
seems to be a beautiful place to stay for a couple of days or more.

“I love to play against strong international teams. It motivates me to go all out and to give my best. It is also a good experience for the whole team to
spend more than just a training together”, Marcella Dworak (U16 player).

“My older brother plays for Red Bull Salzburg and I see up to him. To play against international top teams makes me feel like I am the bigger sister.
It is also a good way to grow as a player”, Amina Schmidt (U16 player).

“We try to attend at least at one international tournament once a year. It gives me the opportunity to see how far we got since the last year and what
we have to improve in the future. We could keep up with Europes top teams the last years, that makes me proud of my team and our
hard work”, Aschot Movsesian (U16 coach).

The last team involved in the Girls Alsace is known!
The Alsatian representative will be the team of ECAFF Selestat, winner of the U16 Elite Alsace Championship.
Victorious 1-0 from his challenger FC VENDENHEIM in the first leg, ECAFF just have won their ticket for the Girls Alsace Cup with the score of 0-0 on the return.

Jacques OTTER:
ECAFF – Entente Center Alsace Women’s Football is an agreement of 5 clubs (FC Sélestat, CS Sainte Croix, Grussenheim FC, FC Wittisheim, AS Ribeauvillé) recently created following the creation by the Alsace district of a new U16F Elite regional championship.
This agreement, whose leitmotiv is “better to be strong to several than weak alone” extends of course beyond this category U16. The ECAFF can congratulate itself for having a team in each age category from the pitchounettes (U7) to the U18, about 100 girls who practice their passion for football.
The ECAFF, the big little team a small of the competition, will come as Holtzwihr’s neighbor to confront the elite of European football, with his heart and his determination.

“We knew the value of our team and from the start of the season, we told the girls that this new U16F championship would also be a qualifying event for participation in this wonderful tournament of the Girls Alsace Cup 2018.
This prospect and this objective will have been a real driving force for the group during the season, whether during training or when it came to finding extra motivation to win the games.
Good job girls ! Through your involvement, your seriousness, your cohesion and the results that followed, you deserve to participate in this international tournament.
Thanks to Hassan for having booked this last qualifying place for a team from the U16F Alsace championship. This wild-card also highlights the creation of this category U16F by the District Alsace, a category that will definitely allow women’s football to reach a new level in the region “

Emma Rué Captain:
“Very happy to participate in this tournament and to have achieved this goal that we all set ourselves.
That big names in European football …. and us, the ECAFF! It is magic ! Unique!
We worked hard for this throughout the season and the team was exemplary especially during the “final” round-trip against FC Vendeheim.
We will have a score of 10,000 for 1 bookmaker and the opportunity to replay against the best of European women’s football will certainly represent more for the majority of us, you can count on us to defend our colors and our jersey and represent the women’s football Alsatian “
we are ready ! Girls Alsace Cup we come!!