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The Girls Alsace Cup: U16 Women’s international football tournament

The Girls Alsace Cup: U16-U17 international women’s football tournament

We select teams of good level and well ranked in their championship, we also choose teams according to their location.

The success of the Girls Alsace Cup has been immediate and allows each year more than 350 players and their staffs from 16 different clubs from France and Europe, the quality of the football presented, the motivation of their coaching, make This event an exceptional event.

The Girls Alsace Cup has acquired an international stature, this tournament is now prized by the biggest professional clubs. We have requests from France and Europe

We are proud to offer players, coaches and parents an extraordinary tournament!

Over the years the participants came from countries such as : Sweden, Spain, Denmark, England, Switzerland, Germany, Morocco, Finland, United States of America….




  • Welcome and information to the teams
  • Presentation of the teams
  • Start of the placement game program
  • Start of the cup matches
  • Free evening


  • Reception of the teams in the morning
  • Continuation of the Cup matches
  • Final Phase of the cups
  • Awards ceremony
  • End of the tournament

The full details of the program as well as the schedules will be updated and available after the draw of the groups

See the timetable





The village where the tournament is held is a former commune in the Haut-Rhin department in the Grand East region of France. This commune is in the historical and cultural region of Alsace and has become, on 1Er January 2016, a commune in the new commune of Porte-du-Ried. With an area of 6.45 km2, of which 64 ha of forest, Holtzwihr is a commune of the Rhine plain, located in the Ried of the Ill, 6 km northeast of Colmar.

One of the nicknames given to the Holtzwihriens was the “choucroutiers” because of the large cabbage plantations around the village.





Business tourism, leisure tourism, destination shopping … as a group or as an individual, thousands of people visit Colmar every year. They come from France, Germany or neighbouring Switzerland, elsewhere in Europe or around the world. In Colmar, visitors discover a summary of the testimonies left by the rich history of the Rhine region, which is the subject of tragic disputes between peoples, a place of many and profitable exchanges, a hotbed of humanism. The city rich in art and history is today a city of 70 000 inhabitants which makes it the second commune Haut-Rhinoise and the third commune Alsatian in number of inhabitants after Strasbourg and Mulhouse. Colmar has chosen to link with the latter in the Metropolitan Pole Strasbourg-Mulhouse-Colmar which federates the large Alsatian settlements in order to weigh within the new region Grand East. Its inhabitants are called the Colmariens.

Its location, in the middle of the Alsatian vineyard and close to the Piedmont Vosges, and its peculiar climate conducive to the cultivation of the vine, are worth the nickname “Capital of Alsace Wines”. It is also a city of culture, seat of the Unterlinden Museum housing the altarpiece of Issenheim. Colmar is also the hometown of the creator of the Statue of Liberty in New York, Auguste Bartholdi and Jean-Jacques Waltz, better known as Hansi.